Meet Becca a black and rust female with natural ears and a docked tail, DOB April, 1996. This sweet girl has had more than her share of unfortunate luck. Her original owner adopted her from the Lancaster County Humane League in August 1996, and released her to DPR of PA due to her “destructiveness;” she was left alone for and average 10-12 hours a day un-crated at just under a year old.


Becca is now on her 7th adoption and this one is beyond perfect, she has now found her forever home. Her high number of adoptions are not a reflection on her rather a long streak of unfortunate luck. Becca was most recently fostered by Shirley and adopted to Doreen & George. She is now 11 ½ years old and just had a successful surgery. Read about it below, as Doreen shares her story with Shirley.



Since my last conversation with you both, Becca’s condition continued to deteriorate. Wednesday before Thanksgiving, George called me at work around 10:00 am to say Becca was not walking. I immediately left work to go home and in the meantime, George called the vet to get Becca in to see our doctor to either get stronger pain medication or something stronger to ease her pain. We had hoped it would not turn into a situation we were both dreading.


We had an appointment with a neurologist in Valley Forge the next Tuesday and had hoped our vet could give us strong enough meds to get Becca through until then. She gave us 2 more meds to add to the Rymadil and increased that medication.


Everything came to a halt Friday night. My daughter heard Becca cry and I found her stuck on the steps, frozen, unable to move. We tried coaxing her down with sweet talk and then treats. Pour Becca was so scared and had been shaking uncontrollable for about 10 minutes.


I called George to make sure he was coming right home from work, informing him that Becca was stuck and I was afraid to try and move her. She was at an odd angle and was afraid to hurt her or myself, so we waited. George also tried to get her to move on her own, to no avail. He carried her to the top landing and once on her feet she cried in pain. My heart dropped. I could not believe this was happening, it couldn’t be.


Becca made it to her bed and there is where she stayed. We took turns watching her & keeping her calm. George’s parents came over to see her 10 o’clock that night, as we were unsure what tomorrow would bring. We called the hospital the next morning to see if they could take her in and keep her medicated until her appointment, they said yes to bring her down. It was a very sad site to see Becca being wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher, paws clenching the stretcher mat in fear.  We visited before leaving and told our little girl how much we loved her and that we would be back tomorrow to see her, as we did.


The neurologist was able to see her first thing Monday, called George and said Becca had severe spinal compression & felt surgery would correct it. George opted to go ahead with surgery.



After the surgery, the doctor called to say Becca was doing well and was still in recovery but trying to stand on her own. A good sign! We called for an update later that night and were told Becca was eating & going outside to do her business!


Needless to say, we picked her up Tuesday night and brought her to “grandma’s house” for her recovery. She cannot do steps, be around other animals that might bump her, no playing, just strict bed rest with limited area to roam. ( grandma is a former “people” nurse and grandpa is a pharmacist. Grandma’s house has no steps & keep her confined to one room, unlike our house…so Becca is in great hands )


I cannot even begin to tell you what a wonderful sight it was when Becca walked out with the nurse to go home with us. She was pulling for the door and was ready to go home. She was so happy to see us and kept pressing against my leg until we left. Hard to believe that 3 days prior she was wheeled in on a stretcher and today she walked out on her own accord.


Our girl has a strong will to live and has proven it over and over to us these past few weeks. I know we made the right choice for her, although very difficult. We love her so very much, as does everyone that comes in contact with her.


Thank you for all your doggie prayers for our sweet Becca. We appreciate them.


Doreen & George