Bella's Story

Early on the afternoon of Saturday, April 5, 2014,  Jen Imhoff received a call from a very upset woman named Sue who had rescued a 4-month-old Doberman puppy, Bella, about a week earlier from a neglectful situation.  She continued by saying the night before Bella had become  listless and was running a temperature.  On Saturday she used all she had to take her to the vet for x-rays which confirmed an obstruction in the intestines.  Most likely she had swallowed something that got stuck.


It broke Sue’s heart to call Jen for help as she loved little Bella and did not want to let her go.  When they spoke Jen could feel her pain. Ironically, Sue has been in rescue for more than 20 years.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, she could no longer have her own rescue but still continued to rescue animals for other organizations and did what she could on her own.


Jen and Sue met at the Animal Emergency Clinic where Bella was seen immediately by the veterinarian.  Sue came back with Jen and the vet so that she could be part of her care, and she was surprised and thankful that Jen would let her be involved. 


The vet wanted to take more x-rays, which DPRPA approved.  Upon seeing the xrays,  you could see an area of concern that could be a blockage (obstruction).  The vet recommended that we leave Bella there for a series of barium x-rays that would show us a much clearer picture. As a result, Little Bella went into surgery at 11:00 pm.  Jen received a call around 2:00 am to tell her her surgery went well and that the vet had removed a very tight ball of leaves, twigs, and stones that just would not pass through. 


Bella listless and shivering at 5 am with 104.8 degree temperature.

Trying to stay warm on the way to the vet, Bella kept her nose covered as it seemed to make her feel better.

This will be a rather lengthy and extensive recovery as there are a lot of medications and restrictions to food and exercise.  Well, try telling a 4-month-old puppy that she is not supposed to run around and play with the other dogs in the household.  


All Jen could say is lucky for her she didn’t have to!!  She made her best plea to one of our board members, Linda Dulak, to be her foster mom.  To be honest, Jen knew her husband Norm wouldn’t say no, but just don’t tell him Jen told you that! 


It is because of donations by our members and supporters that a 4-month-old puppy named Bella was given a chance at life.  In the last several weeks this rescue has 

spent well over $12,000 on catastrophic expenses for two dogs (Rusty and Bella).  Jen and the rest of the DPRPA Board are so proud that we were able to provide for these surgeries and so much more. 

The reality is that the day may come when we do not have that good fortune. We all need to renew our efforts with donations, fundraising, volunteering and fostering to save the next Little Bella.  Please help!


Bella is saved!