Extreme Rescues

The Amazing Bouncing Tigger 

Historically, Rusty has been our most expensive rescue, but this "sugary sweet" guy tried so hard to keep walking.  Despite the pain, he loved to give kisses and deserved a second chance after living his entire life outside.

Bella had already been through a lot at 4 months of age when she came to DPRPA needing emergency surgery to remove an intestinal blockage.  Read about her fortunate rescue thanks to DPRPA donors and supporters who allow us to be able take in these types of emergencies.

Looking at Sadie with her extreme case of Demodectic mange was heartbreaking.  How her owner, who claimed to love her so much, could let her go so long is appalling.  It was a day of celebration when he finally released her to DPRPA so her treatment and relief could begin immediately.

Jeffrey was an emaciated stray found wandering the streets of Philadelphia.  When he came to DPRPA in March of 2010, he was severely emaciated with open, bleeding, infected wounds.

Danni found her way to DPRPA in November, 2009.  She was left in a drop box at a high-kill shelter with 9 hound puppies in Ohio.  Thanks to a kind dog warden, she was rescued.

From neglect and abandonment to working therapy dog, Bailey was a true ambassador for the Doberman Breed.  After being adopted in March of 2003 she led a very fulfilling life servicing and caring for many humans.  Bailey passed on April 10, 2008 and will be missed by many.

If you can imagine this poor dog lying in a cold, loud cement run so depressed he did not even lift his head when I talked to him.

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