Feb 12, 2011


Just got done rubbing Lacey's belly and thought I'd send you a quick update on her. She is doing so good - love her to pieces!  Lacey has really grown these past few weeks.  She has gotten taller and has filled out a little but she has also grown in the sense of feeling at home and knowing she gets all the attention she could ever want.   She is such a HAPPY dobie!   It's funny because she would let us pet and love her when we first adopted her, but now you can see she yearns for it and comes looking for it. Her eyes look so much more content and happy and she definitely has claimed this as "her house" and "her family".  Friends that met Lacey when we first adopted her recently came for a visit and commented too on how much happier she looks. 

Thought I'd touch base and let you know Lacey is doing great, she has been a wonderful addition to our family and will definately keep your rescue in mind for any friends looking to adopt a doberman, because Lacey is sure melting a lot of our friends hearts :)


Best wishes to you,

Tracey Snyder


Jan 12,  2011

We have a variety of toys for her to play with because she loves to pick different ones but still trying to find one that is not so quickly destroyed by her dobie teeth.  I have just ordered a Tuffy brand toy that was tested by Tigers (ha ha).  Hopefully this one will last a little longer.  Lacey likes balls but really seems to enjoy soft stuffed animals dog toys which do not last long.  The Tuffy toy is rated 10 on the company toughness scale and is soft so we'll see what she thinks of it when it arrives.


Last week the labs and Lacey were out running and with the nicer weather our oldest lab decided it was time to go for a dip in our pond.  Since Lacey seems to "look up" to him, it was no surprise when she jumped in behind him!  Her whole body, head and all went under.  What a surprise to her, I don't think she expected to not land on some sort of solid ground and have to swim (not sure if she has even ever swam before).  But she got her senses together and started doggie paddling and met our daughter along the edge.  Lyndy, our daughter,  was ready to save Lacey if needed (ha ha).  It was definitely a memorable moment so I'm sure she will have more "swimming lessons" as the summer comes along.  Perhaps we'll just let her ride along in the paddle boat instead!