Murphy's (formerly Jeffry) Story

Jeffrey is a male doberman who was found as a stray. He was brought to us in late March severely emaciated, with open, bleeding, infected wounds. This was the worst case of neglect we have ever seen; his entire spine protruded so you could see where his ribs connected and you could visually count every vertebrae.  He did not have an ounce of muscle or any stored fat.  He was disoriented and walking into things, could not see or hear correctly, and was oblivious to his surroundings.  He barely acknowledged people and his back legs were trembling and failing.  He would fall to the ground whenever he tried to squat to urinate.


He had four open wounds on his hip area (two which looked like bite marks) that were filled with blood and pus and  an inch deep.  All over his legs and feet (just about every toe, ankle, elbow joints are the worst) there were large, calcified, old cysts from living on cement or hard ground probably his whole life.  He had a hairless ring around his neck from a collar that was too tight.  As bad as he was, he took food and treats gently and for a week he was hand fed.  He never once growled or grabbed; he always knew to be gentle. 


Before he arrived, we were told he was about 5-10 years old.  After seeing him, he did not have a spot of gray and had a young face.  And as he started to get better, he appeared to be younger, maybe less than a year old according to the vet.

As he became nourished, he showed more of his true personality.  Every day he improved and we began to see a sweet dog who knew how to sit, come and give his paw.  He went for walks in the woods and explored things with his foster family who taught him how to play.  He found one special toy (a Cuz is the greatest doberman toy ever) and he tried to play with it but he was too awkward and didn't know what to do.  But he played with it every time he went out and eventually gained strength to squeak it.  Of course, he kept squeaking it over and over again, but a squeak never sounded so good.  After time he learned to play fetch with it and added muscle and strength from exercising.


Health wise he was fine.  After various xrays and bloodwork, we found that he did not have a health issue that would have caused his poor condition; he was simply not being fed and left to die!  His hearing is fine although his kidneys were starting to show signs of stress (but nothing like you would imagine). 


He was started on quality food and vitamins, two different antibiotics, and dewormed just in case (he was even negative for internal parasites). 


He never complained as we cleaned and treated his wounds, put balm on his calluses, bathed him, trimmed his nails, cleaned his ears; he's a real trooper and gave kisses.  Can you imagine? 

In May 2015, Jeffrey (now answering to Murphy) was adopted and went to his new home! We hope his new owners will share updates with us so we can follow his story.  Be sure to come back and visit.

Below are photos of Jeffrey after 3 months in DPRPA foster care.