Hope this finds you well. Neva continues to thrive and do wonderfully here with us! Sadly this past Tuesday I had to put my 15year old Lab/Dobie mix down. It was such a devastating event for our family. As devastating as it was, it was comforting to come home to Neva and Hemi who had offered nothing short of their quiet and gentle love as they laid quietly next to me for the next couple days. As if they knew.

Neva and Hemi are like two peas in a pod, let me tell you. Quite the comedians in the way they talk to one another, I often joke and say it sounds like a "Wild Sea Lion Convention" in here! I don't know who is louder, Hemi or Neva and sometimes I have to send them out back to play because I can't hear myself think!! Ha ha! She is a very sweet, gentle and loving dog, none of that has changed since she came here and if anything she has gotten more so. She is very, very easygoing and she will let you do anything with her, honestly she will!


Hello there,

Neva continues to do wonderfully and we feel truly blessed to have her in our lives. She is such a sweet, sweet girl, who wants nothing more than love and adoration and in return she gives twofold back. She is quite the little Pixie and loves to play with Hemi. She is so mild mannered and delicate in comparison to what we are used to with Hemo who is such a big guy! (lol). She listens very, very well. She tends to get a little nervous on the leash with cars driving by, but she is doing better daily.

She is your typical Velcro-dobie and never rests until one of us settles down and sits for a while, where she will climb up and fall fast asleep. I have enclosed some pictures.

Thanks again for bringing her to us.