Nixie Noodle

I can't say enough about this special little girl.  She has to be the most loveable, adorable, dovoted, funny, hard headed Dobie I've ever seen.  She came to us after spending much of her short life in a crate and having her with us is the best thing that's happened to all three of us.

Nixie's story from her point of view

Boy, that was a long ride from my Auntie Kim's in PA to my new mommy and daddy's house in Massachusetts.  I loved it at Auntie Kim's but this place is really nice.


I have my own bed, lots of toys and a bunch of jackets to keep me warm.  Mommy and Daddy even put them in the dryer to warm them up before putting them on me.  I think I'm gonna dig it here.


Daddy is just wrapped right around my paw.  I get to get up on his chair whenever I want and if I stretch out enough, he just moves outta my way but keeps right on scratching my ears and belly.  Like a good girl that I am, I always meet him at the door when he gets home.  I still get a little too excited and pee just a little but I just can't help it.  HE'S HOME!!!  He calls me his little broken toy.  That's a good thing right?


I started going to school.  I don't like it much.  There's DOGS there.  Yuck.  Smelly creatures.  Not sure why they take me there but they seem to enjoy it.  I like learning at home better.  I learned to wipe my feet before going in the house (I have to spin in a circle a few times).  And I learned to catch food.  I stop and sit when Daddy stops walking.  Not so much because I have to, but because I just want to be next to him.  I don't like this word "stay."  I just don't see the point.  Don't they get I want to be with them?  


Sometime humans just don't get it.  They left me home alone for FIVE hours one day.  They won't be doing that again anytime soon. See that picture in the upper left?  That was my way of showing my distaste for being left alone.  The recliners and dog bed are gone now and were replaced with this wire thing they call a "crate."  But I don't mind.  Everytime I go in there, I get peanut butter in a bone and other treats.


Mommy thinks my name is Get Off My Chair but she'll learn.  She also calls me Damnit Nixie.  Like Damnit Nixie, stop licking me. Damnit Nixie, put that down.  Damnit Nixie, you are so cute.  Damnit Nixie, stop licking me.  I know I said that already, but that one always makes her giggle.


Thank you to all the lady's who brought me to my new mommy and daddy.  I like it here and think I'll stay for a long long time.



Nixie (2)
Killer Doberman (2)