By: Birdie Johnson


So many times I send out an application to someone who wants a puppy or a young dog, “no more than a year old.” Their reasons are many: “If I don’t get it as a pup, it won’t know me as its master..... want it to grow up with the kids..... can’t trust an old dog.....brain keeps growing, skull doesn’t..... a dog that has belonged to someone else will not be loyal.....don’t know its background.....can’t trust won’t live long enough,” ..... etc, etc.


I feel so sorry for these people, they will never know the JOY they are missing. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have taken in an adult or older dog have experienced blessings beyond words.


I personally have had Dobermans since 1961 and have on two occasions tried to raise a puppy. FORGET IT!! Give me the settled, laid back, all together, well mannered, grateful, devoted, loving adult Dobie, who knows what life is all about, who respects my authority, defends my property instead of chewing it to pieces, and is grateful for everything I do for it, and gives so much in return.

He may not be around as long as a younger one, no matter. The quality of the love he gives makes each day a special blessing.


While the young Dobies are running the fence, barking, digging, chewing, playing, ignoring my call for silence, the older dogs stand quietly at my side, content just to be with me.


Oh yes, I’ll miss them when God decides he needs them more than I do, but the memories, and the lessons in love and devotion they are teaching me will live forever……..


Editor’s Note: Birdie Johnson is the founder of Doberman Rescue Concern and Dobie Doodles