It took Gary and I two years to decide that we could finally get close to Dobermans again, given the loss of our wonderful Dobie Austin after 9 fantastic years.  We loved him so much, and also the breed, that we decided to help a Doberman organization by fostering instead of owning right away.  When we were contacted telling us a young girl needed our help, all of our friends and family laughed that "yeah, you're fostering!"  They certainly knew us far too well.


We picked Shilo up on a very stormy Saturday from a situation that just wasn't right for her -- too crowded, not enough attention, but the owners were trying and upset about letting her go.  I think within a week Gary and I were looking at each thinking, we have a keeper here!  What a sweetheart.  Big brown eyes, wants to snuggle up as close as possible, and just like our beloved Austin, the sweetest softest nature.


She has fit into our routine quickly and met our friends and family who all agree she is another fabulous Doberman.  She is a 60 lb. girl, beautiful red, with the Doberman traits we grew to love, along with her own sweet personality.  This photo was take on Christmas Day - don't those eyes just say "how embarrassing" yet she wore those antlers for the photo as though she knew it was a special day! 


We are now looking forward to our next foster, and who knows ... maybe a two Doberman household is in the cards?


Sherrie and Gary (huge Doberman fans!)