Just thought I would drop a line and tell you how Stanley has been doing since we adopted him back in April. I am attaching a bunch of photos and I'm hoping you'll be able to open all of them and see how he's grown into a very good looking boy!


Stanley is now weighing in at 85 pounds of pure muscle - there is not an ounce of fat on this boy! he is so strong and I often have to be careful since he can really knock people over. He's very happy and extremely playful. He has endless energy and loves to go everywhere with us! He frequently comes to work with me and is very well behaved.


Everyone loves to stop by and visit him to say hello and pet him behind the ears which he loves.

Stanley is VERY smart and is not always the best listener (his own choice, of course). We went to a few classes together and I know he could really benefit from a few more obedience lessons.


He's eager to learn, but tests me all the time to see if he can get away with things - he's a very sneaky guy and has mastered a very quiet eating technique when he doesn't want me to hear him chomping away at the cat food:) (haha) We're having a lot of fun together and he always likes to climb into bed with me ALL the way under the covers in the morning after he goes for a walk.


Stanley loves to eat vegetables and apples with peanut butter and loves to play with my sisters dog Penny when we go home to Maryland for visits. You'll see them playing pretty rough in some of the photos!


Anyways, hope all is well with you and that you and your dogs are healthy and happy. Have a happy holiday and hope to hear from you soon.