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Nixie's rescue from her point of view....

Look at our girl!  She's such a little champ. It's amazing what she is capable of. She graduates from basic next week and starts intermediate the following week. 

Just got done rubbing Lacey's belly and thought I'd send you a quick update on her.  She is doing so good - love her to pieces!

It took Gary and I two years to decide that we could finally get close to Dobermans again, given the loss of our wonderful Dobie Austin after 9 fantastic years.  We loved him so much, and also the breed, that we decided to help a Doberman organization by fostering instead of owning right away.  When we were contacted telling us a young girl needed our help, all of our friends and family laughed that "yeah, you're fostering!" 

GOOD NEWS!! Boogie has been in his new home for a week and has made a new girlfriend (I won't tell Piper)!  Nice to see something happy and put things back into perspective!  He has a big bed in front of a wood stove that he loves and sleeps in bed with his new owner, getting along with family and going for a nice long walk every day in the park!....

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