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Caesar was turned into the Buffalo SPCA in August of 2019 after his family found him to be too much for them. He was adopted, but the family returned him after 5 days when he continued to break out of crates and proved to be too much for them. The Buffalo SPCA contacted DPRPA for help finding a proper home for him, as their shelter was overcrowded and he would be euthanized if not pick up soon.

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Caesar's Story

Enter Tom and Lori!

Tom flew his personal plane to NY to pick him up. Caesar handled the plane ride surprisingly well with the help of some anxiety meds, ear plugs, a bandanna, and Tom's shoulder to rest his head on. He stayed with Tom and Lori that night before going to his foster home. Not too long after getting to his foster home, Tom called to check on Caesar and to express his wishes to adopt him.

Tom and Lori adopted Caesar a month later.

With the help and patience of Lori, Caesar has his Canine Good Citizenship award and is an official Therapy Dog! He goes to work with Lori at her therapy clinic, and helps her clients with their Physical Therapy appointments. He has found his perfect furever home!

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