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Every wag of a tail, every hopeful glance, and every gentle nuzzle tell a story of resilience and love. At Doberman Pinscher Rescue, we're dedicated to giving Dobermans a second chance at a life filled with love, care, and happiness.  But we can't do it alone.


Your donation has the power to transform the lives of these incredible creatures. It means warm beds to sleep in, nourishing meals, veterinary care, and most importantly, a chance to find their forever homes.


With your support, we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Dobermans in need. Every dollar makes a difference and every contribution brings us closer to our mission of giving these loyal companions the lives they deserve.


Join us in making a difference. Your generosity not only saves lives but also brings joy to families who open their hearts and homes to these amazing dogs.


Together, we can make tails wag, hearts sing, and dreams come true.


Donate today and be a hero to a Doberman in need.


Thank you for your compassion and kindness.

To donate by mail,

make check payable to DPRPA and mail to:

Pam Palmer - Treasurer

Doberman Pinscher Rescue of PA, Inc.

1943 West Cedar Street

Allentown, PA  18104


Please consider donating items on our AMAZON WISH LIST.

To donate any other items*,
please send to:

Louise Baldwin

36 East New Street

Lancaster, PA  17602

Or, email for pickup.

*Suggested items:

dog beds

collars and leashes

bones / treats


tennis balls, Kongs are among favorites

pet store gift cards.

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