All dobes that come into our rescue receive a full physical and behavioral exam and temperament evaluation which helps match them with an appropriate family. In addition, the organization serves as a resource to educate and assist new Dobe owners with knowledgeable advice during the initial adoption adjustment period.


We currently have dogs being processed through foster care but not quite ready for adoption yet.  Many of these dogs do not make it to our website as we have a waiting list of qualified applicants.  

Once you submit an application, you will be assigned a caseworker who will interview you and contact your references. When approved, we will contact you and make every effort to match you to an appropriate pet.

Since our purpose is to find the best possible Doberman for your situation, we appreciate your patience. When we have a Doberman, we feel can offer what you want in a companion, we will contact you to arrange a meeting. Meanwhile, you may contact us to discuss any aspect of the adoption process. Checking in periodically is useful so we know you have not adopted elsewhere and are still looking.

Complete an application to adopt!

Or download the form, complete and mail to:

Lois Katchur

330 Katys Church Road

Muncy, PA 17756

ADOPTION FEES* (effective Nov 1, 2013)

Puppies (1 year old or less) $495

Dogs 1+ year - 2 years old $450

Dogs 2+ years - 3 years old $395

Dogs 3+ years - 5 years old $395

Dogs 5+ years $350


*Adoption fees do NOT represent the "purchase price" of a dog.  Be aware that these fees do not cover the expenses of most dogs that come into the rescue and the adoption fee is a donation to the organization to help offset expenses while a dog is in foster care and/or rehabilitating, and mostly covers veterinarian fees.  Without adoption fees and generous donations from our members and other supporting donors, we would not be able to operate or exist.  Adoption donations are non-refundable and are not tax deductible.


Required reading for all adopters


In addition, please note that we receive many more applications than we have dogs available.  We focus on applications that stand out as being the best match on behalf of the available dog, as well as meeting the strict adoption requirements set by our rescue to ensure a happy match for both owner and dog.

Because of a limited number of volunteers and the large volume of applications received, we are not able to respond to every applicant, and we apologize in advance if you do not hear from us.


If you do not see a dog advertised that is a match, but are interested in adopting a rescue Doberman, please complete an application so that you can be added to our waiting list of qualified applicants.  We often take dogs in that are not advertised as they are either not quite ready for adoption or there is a pre-approved applicant on our waiting list.