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Welcome to “Team Steve!”

We invite you to experience Steve's progression along with us as we post his trials and tribulations. You'll be amazed at how far Steve has come in the few months he's been in our care. 


Our goal is to get Steve into the perfect home.

Steve's Story

Ten-week-old Steve was surrendered to us after the garage door closed on his spine, trapping Steve between the door and the garage floor. He arrived at DPRPA with all his worldly possessions from his previous owner which consisted of three items: one collar, a partial Ziplock bag of dog food, and a urine-soaked human hoodie.

During his original vet appointment, it was shown that he had an open vertebral fracture, compression to L4 through L5, and damage to his left pelvic bone.

Since Steve has been with us, he has overcome Mange, a staph infection, Pneumonia, and skin sores, all due to a compromised immune system because of the stress to his body from his original injuries. He has been to multiple veterinarians, neurologists, physical rehab appointments, had several x-rays, and a multitude of medications.

Throughout this entire process, Steve never lost his zest for life. He loves everyone he comes in contact with, has several four-legged playmates, has more toys, balls, and stuffies than the most spoiled dog ever, and is a typical 5 month old Doberman, pushing the limits and thinking life revolves only around him (which it kind of does, but don't tell him that).

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