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Missy was surrendered to DPRPA in early 2020 from the SPCA after she was released from protective custody.  She was seized from a “boutique” breeder’s home where 55 dogs were kept in unsanitary conditions with many suffering from untreated medical conditions.  

Missy's Story

This breeder likely bred Missy due to her color – white.  White Dobermans are rare and the only way to produce them is through inbreeding and therefore not considered ethical to breed on purpose. 

Here's the story of Missy’s first miserable home.


Missy did not get much socialization as an exploited breeding dog, so she is shy and reserved.  On the good side, she has a very sweet temperament and will warm up to people; it just might take a little more time than is typical.  When she arrived at her new forever home, she was afraid to go inside the house.  It took several hours and lots of chicken trails on the ground to get her to cross that threshold from the fenced-in yard through the door.  Upon entering she voluntarily took refuge in her crate.  It took her about a week to gain the confidence to come in and out and to approach her new mom.  She is still wary of strangers and prefers to hang in the yard or her crate when visitors come over.  But she eventually warms up to regular visitors she has had a chance to get to know slowly.  She has been very gentle and patient with her adoptive mom's toddler grandson.  She also loves other dogs.

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